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Opening Doors for Children & Families

February 2013

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I have recently been spending a significant amount of time with my friend "Netflix." I get borderline obsessed with the documentary category and can't get enough of all the interesting topics creative people decide to explore. There are documentaries about EVERYTHING! Most of them fascinate me, some of them I stop watching after 15 minutes and think "TOOO BORING!"

In the midst of my documentary addiction I was listening to my favourite radio morning show, The Garner Andrew's Show on Sonic 102.9 and they were talking about the best rock documentaries. Rock as in rock and roll music...not the...

This week I have been busy planning Valentine's Day for my sweetie. We are trying to decide if we will celebrate it on February 14, or on February 15, as our schedules are not exactly matching up. I have now suggested we do both. Why not have twice the amount of Valentine's celebration? A mini Valentines Day on February 14, like Valentine's Day Eve and then our Valentine's Day will be February 15. And we might as well not stop there, we would be remiss to not celebrate Valentine's Boxing Day on February 16.

I was chatting with one of my dear friends who has two little girls. She was telling me...

I have been writing allllll week. Writing funding proposals to keep the great work that we do at ABC Head Start going! Therefore I have no words left...plus words are starting to look foreign and weird and like I'm typing in a different language. A writer in this condition will probably not produce the best blog post.

I pondered who best to pass the torch to this week to tell a story and I decided - children.

So here you have it: The Secret To Happiness! Happy Friday friends!

ABC Head Start Society is a registered charity which has been committed to promoting and supporting strong children, families, and communities in Edmonton for over 30 years. We know that by giving children the best possible early learning and development opportunities in life, we ensure the future well-being and prosperity of our families and communities.