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Opening Doors for Children & Families

May 2013

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That's right, we have joined Twitter! We promise to entertain you in 140 characters or less with clever use of hashtags.

So drop everything that you are doing (unless you are holding a child or a puppy) and log on to Twitter to follow us today - @abcheadstart. Not a member on the Twitter machine? It's so simple to join! You might as well sign up just to follow your favourite charity.

In case you haven't heard ;) ABC Head Start is nominated for a Yeggie in the category Best in Non-Profit for this...

It is always amazing to me how much we change our perspectives as we age. Children have a unique outlook on life, there is no denying that. They are exploring and trying to make sense of their world. As adults we do this too, but with preconceived notions and judgments that tend to get in the way. Children are trusting and believe in the good in the world. They are looking to the adults in their life to confirm or deny their experiences. Honesty is one of my most favourite things about children.

Last night we texted a picture of our finished steps off our back deck. We are so proud of those...

Today I have the pleasure of going a road trip with my 4-year-old 'niece.' I use quotes because she is my pretend niece, the niece I've never had if you will, since my siblings decided to have all boy children. She loves lipgloss, and dollies, and dress up, and Starbucks so we have a lot in common. I enjoy spending time with her but the longest road trip we have been on is maybe 30 minutes. So what will I do to keep this little one entertained? I can only stop at Starbucks so many times before our trip turns into a tour of gas station bathrooms.

It would be great if I had one of those fancy...

On Tuesday, May 21, Mayor Stephen Mandel announced he will not be seeking re-election and will be retiring from civic politics. Mayor Mandel has spent 12 years at city hall, has served 3 terms for a total of 9 years as Mayor of our great city.

On behalf of ABC Head Start I would like to reflect on his time as a courageous leader and champion of Edmonton. Mayor Mandel understood and represented ALL Edmontonians. He had a vested interest in making this city the best it could be for all citizens. He understood poverty and the struggles low-income families face every day and worked hard to break...

I had an interesting conversation with one of our ABC Head Start teachers, Margot Mighton, this week. She has been working on a project exploring communication delays in our Head Start children. As some of you may or may not know, many of the children at ABC Head Start come to us with a communication delay. But what was interesting in talking with Margot is she believes she is seeing a shift in the type of communication profile we are frequently seeing in children currently, and I would have to agree with her analysis.

Let me explain, and let me start by saying I am certainly NOT a qualified...

Every dollar matters. By supporting ABC Head Start you will give children the skills they need to be successful in their educational journey and support families to transition out of poverty, become healthy and self-reliant. Donate to ABC Head Start today and start making a difference in the lives of children, families and our communities.