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Opening Doors for Children & Families

September 2013

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This week, a fellow non-profit agency experienced a great deal of hardship when fire destroyed one of their service centers. On Monday, a fire broke out at the Bissell Centre's sorting area of the Thrift Shoppe. The Thrift Shoppe is a social enterprise of Bissell Centre providing low income families and individuals a venue for purchasing high-quality products at very affordable prices. It is a critical service in our city.

In July, I decided to do something I had never done before...have a garage sale. This was no small feat as my basement was full of boxes from my recent move. My mother even...

Play. It is described as so many things; an activity for enjoyment, the work of a child, a voluntary and intrinsically motivated action. Once you start to study play you will learn there are many different types of play; parallel play, solitary play, cooperative play. It is a hot topic in the field of early learning and at ABC Head Start. You can often watch ABC Head Start staff observing the classroom and saying things like "Wow, look at them engage so beautifully in cooperative play!" Ok well maybe you hear that more in June, then in September but either way, we are obsessed with play. And...

I graduated from my degree at Mount Royal University in 2004. The job market was pretty great. I can’t say I was particularly concerned about getting a job; in fact I had job offers before I had officially graduated. Not to say it wasn’t intimidating, with years spent in an academic bubble I had no idea how to navigate the corporate world. I remember being told, “With your degree you will just step right into management roles.” Not the case. Let’s face it, that doesn’t happen to very many people although for some reason I think new graduates are led to believe that.

This week I had the...

ABC Head Start Society is a registered charity which has been committed to promoting and supporting strong children, families, and communities in Edmonton for over 30 years. We know that by giving children the best possible early learning and development opportunities in life, we ensure the future well-being and prosperity of our families and communities.