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Opening Doors for Children & Families

The Blog is Back

I'm BAAAACK!  For those of you who are faithful followers of all things ABC Head Start, you may remember THE BLOG.  For those of you who are new, WELCOME and I hope you will follow me in this journey where I share my love and passion for ABC Head Start all the while telling personal stories of my experiences and embarrassing my family.  

To get us all on the same page, I'll share how this blog came to be.  Back in 2011 I was a supervisor at ABC Head Start with a passion for having our story heard.  I found out about an opportunity for non-profit organizations to apply to contribute blogs to Edmonton Journal.  I took the information into our Executive Directors office and presented it basically like this - "Although this is nowhere in my job description, I want to write a blog for ABC Head Start."  Our ED, Kathy Lenihan said "What's a blog?"  Blogs were pretty new, social media was pretty new, it was all an unexplored vast land.  But of course Kathy trusted me and I applied and was successful as being one of the featured blogs of Edmonton Journal.    

My first blog post is still one I'm very proud of.  It was called A Faster Horse and spoke about research in early learning.  And before you fall asleep reading that description go ahead and give it a read.  It's not nearly as boring as I just made it sound.  And after that first post I was HOOKED!  I couldn't wait to write the next one, and the next one.  And then I actually started hearing from people who were reading it weekly and enjoying reading it as much as I was enjoying writing it.  So the blog lived on until June of 2013 when I made a bittersweet decision to leave ABC Head Start.  I wrote what I thought would be my last blog post called Life is a Journey.

Well life certainly is a journey and much has changed in my life since then.  I'm settled in the beautiful community of Fort Saskatchewan (TEAM FORT SASK SHOUT OUT!) and I have a CHILD (who is adorable by the way.)  My life focus has changed, my perspective (now being a parent) has changed, but my passion for ABC Head Start has always remained.  I am so happy to be back and to continue sharing the amazing work and people of ABC Head Start.  

So FOLLOW US, LIKE US, FRIEND US, as we begin another school year and sharing the tales of ABC Head Start.

With the support of volunteers, ABC Head Start Society is able to support vulnerable children and families throughout the year. Volunteers contribute by sharing their ideas, talents and energy to events, on our Board of Directors and fundraisers, and in providing direct support to children, parents/caregivers and families.