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Opening Doors for Children & Families

CAUTION: Flying Teddy Bears

The Oil Kings 6th annual Dodge Teddy Bear Toss presented by Global Edmonton and Shaw TV is set for this Friday, December 7th against the Calgary Hitmen. The event works like this; when the Oil Kings score their first goal fans get to throw teddy bears on the ice with all these furry friends being donated to Santas Anonymous. Last year a record 8000 bears were donated, they are hoping to beat their record this Friday. It is an amazing thing to watch that much generosity fill the rink.

Years ago when I was living in our rival city, I was given tickets to the teddy bear toss. Well actually my wonderful roommate, who happened to be my sister, was given the tickets by a fellow surgical nurse who couldn't attend the game. Don't worry we did not cheer for The Hitmen, we are after all northern Alberta girls at heart. These season tickets we were gifted turned out to be phenomenal seats! We were in the 4th row. We sat down and raved about the seats "Wow these seats are awesome! Why would she ever give away such great seats?! We'll have to get her a thank-you card!" We noticed there were not too many people around us but we didn't think much of it and continued to marvel how close we were to the action.

There were a few close calls, and we were SO ready to throw our bears on the ice. Then finally it happened, Calgary scored their first goal! The crowd erupted in cheers! My sister stood up and reached back to throw her bear with a look of joy and excitement of a small child, and just as she did she was pelted square in the face by an oncoming bear. She dropped back down to her seat, and I did what I do best - I turtled. We both took cover until the teddy bear tsunami was over. Then when it was safe to come up we cautiously threw our bears on the ice. Despite the crossfire we were caught in the magic of the event was still in tact. Watching the flood of teddy bears was overwhelming. My sister left with a welt on her cheek from a beady little eye but we both left with full hearts.

The Oil Kings and Oilers have been so generous to the families of ABC Head Start. They are always reaching out to our families to give them experiences they wouldn't otherwise have. A representative from the Oil Kings just contacted us and offered up tickets for some of our families for their 6th annual Teddy Bear Toss. They have even offered to have teddy bears waiting on the seats for the families. The Oil Kings and Oilers organizations are another wonderful example of how the community cares. Thank you for your continued generosity!

Tickets are available NOW and you can take advantage of a Ticket & Bear Combo for just $20! To buy your tickets visit OILKINGS.CA.

Every dollar matters. By supporting ABC Head Start you will give children the skills they need to be successful in their educational journey and support families to transition out of poverty, become healthy and self-reliant. Donate to ABC Head Start today and start making a difference in the lives of children, families and our communities.