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Opening Doors for Children & Families

The Circle of Giving

The other day while I was working away on a project my phone rang. Of course, as the person that handles donations at ABC Head Start I am always thrilled when a donor calls. I am thrilled for two reasons, receiving a gift is always a good thing but my favorite part is actually getting to talk to donors about why they feel compelled to give to ABC Head Start, what their story and connection to our charity is.

You know those moments that prove to you that everything you are working so hard for is having an impact? Aren't those the best? Well this phone call was one of those moments. The lady on the other end said, "Hello, I would like to make a donation to ABC Head Start and I was wondering how I go about doing that."

I explained, "There are two ways, you can mail us a cheque, I will write you a receipt and send it back to you, or you can go on our website and donate online by clicking on the Canada Helps button at the bottom of the page. But I would like to ask you how you heard about ABC Head Start?"

The lady replied, "Well I was a parent in your program a few years ago." She went on to tell me about her experience with ABC Head Start. How she watched her child blossom in the program and was in awe with the changes and his growth. She watched her child develop skills and build on his strengths to truly reach his full potential. But what she didn't realize going into the program was what an incredible impact it would have on their entire family. ABC Head Start gave her the skills, resources and encouragement to move their family out of poverty - ABC Head Start completely changed their lives.

She explained she now had a great job and was able to not only provide for her family but wanted to give back to other families who are living a similar situation to the very one she was facing just a few years before. She also explained how important it was to demonstrate the significance of philanthropy to her young boys and how in addition to making a monetary donation she had arranged to buy food and would be delivering it to the ABC Head Start classroom with her children.

In that moment I realized once again what a tremendous impact ABC Head Start has on the lives of children, families and community. How that one helping hand might be all a family needs to put them on a new path. How we truly are advancing the well-being and self-reliance of families. How we are absolutely making a difference.

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At ABC Head Start we believe the best way to help children is to strengthen families and community. As we work together in partnership we benefit from the shared enthusiasm, energy and ideas that each partner contributes. Community support ensures the continued success and sustainability of ABC Head Start. Every year volunteers donate thousands of hours of time in classroom and non-classroom activities. Find out how you can get involved today!



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