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Essential Life Skills

Here at ABC Head Start, and in the entire learning community, we often debate what are the essential life skills, the areas of development we should be fostering in young children. I know I have blogged about it in the past and mentioned things like fostering curiosity and problem solving.

This week in an “Exchange EveryDay” email, I found a wonderful list I would like to share. First, I highly recommend you sign up for this free email – Exchange EveryDay. It is one of those daily emails I look forward to receiving and has valuable tips and the latest research and news for parents or anyone working with children, youth or families.

The list identifies essential life skills for children taken from a book written by Ellen Galinsky. Exchange EveryDay writes, “[the book] captured relevant early childhood research and spelled out for parents and teachers the practical applications for raising well-rounded children who will reach their full potential.”

The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs:

1. Focus and self control

2. Perspective taking

3. Communicating

4. Making connections

5. Critical thinking

6. Taking on challenges

7. Self-directed, engaged learning

Interesting list…I think it’s a pretty good one! What are your thoughts?

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