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Opening Doors for Children & Families

First Day Of School

ABC Head Start staff are all prepared for another year of Early Learning. The children and families first day is tomorrow. It is always an exciting time to meet the new families we will have the pleasure of working with for the school year and meet the children as they have their first educational experience.

Earlier in the week I called my Mom to see what my first day of preschool was like. Not surprisingly it didn't exactly go smoothly. First of all my parents describe me as a "difficult" or "strong-willed" child (but they are very careful never to call me their problem child although I know that's what I am was.) I hear phrases from my parents like "You sure knew what you wanted." I was truly the baby in my family so although I probably naturally had this personality type it didn't help that my sister and brother were pretty darn accommodating to my every whim needs.

Apparently leading up to my first day of preschool my Mom, Dad and siblings were giving me "pep talks." The usual stuff like how much I was going to like school, how I was going to meet lots of other children and how much I would like the teachers. My Mom took me shopping to buy a new outfit. My Mom distinctly remembers having the following conversation with me, MORE THAN ONCE: Mom - "Christi, you will go to school right?" Christi - "Yes I will!" Mom - "So I will take you to the school and I will leave and you will stay." Christi - "Yes!"

On the morning of my first day my Mom braided my hair, helped me dress in my new outfit including brand new shoes and took me to the preschool. I walked in - looked around - then looked at my Mom and said "We can go now."

My mom looking at the teacher with an uncomfortable smile then looking back at me said, "Remember Christi, you are going to stay here. This is your school. Your going to have lots of fun!"

I looked at my Mom and said in a matter-of-fact tone, "I'm not staying."

My mom now resorting to uncomfortable giggle said through gritted teeth, "Christi, remember you told me you would stay. You need to go to school."

I looked at my Mom and said, "Nope. I'm not staying. We can go now."

Well the teacher and my Mom tried every trick in the book. But I had made up my mind and I WASN'T STAYING. The teacher eventually asked my Mom just to take me home and try the next day. My Mom loaded me into the car and (in her words) she was so angry she couldn't even look at me. I find this very funny because my Mom is not easily angered and her version of angry is not that scary anyway.

Thank goodness for Grandmas! My Mom drove straight to her Mom's house and stormed in, me in tow, crying (my mom crying, not me.) My Grandma looked at the two of us and said, "What happened!?" My Mom explained our morning and my Grandma put everything in perspective and said "Don't worry about it, she'll go to school eventually." And she was right. I did go to school eventually. But begrudgingly for most of preschool and Kindergarten. Through my entire Kindergarten year my brother ate lunch with me everyday so I would stay at school.

Tomorrow when the new children walk through the doors of their ABC Head Start classrooms there will undoubtedly be the children that will cry, miss their parents and siblings, or just plain want to be at home. But they will adjust and so will their parents. Thank you for trusting us with your beautiful children!

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