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Opening Doors for Children & Families

The Goodbye Song

If you have ever been in a ABC Head Start classroom you will know the day usually ends by singing a "goodbye song." What I love about these songs is they are different in each classroom. It's kind of like a teacher's trademark. This week is our final week at ABC Head Start and there has certainly been many goodbyes. We are saying goodbye to staff who are moving on to other opportunities, having babies, moving away and a few who are retiring. So with a mixture of sadness and joy we wish these colleagues luck in their new endeavours.

The goodbye we say every single year, which never seems to get easier, is to the wonderful families who have worked with us all year. On behalf of everyone at ABC Head Start I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to each and every family member.

To the parents: Thank you for entrusting us with your children. Thank you for letting us into your home and into your family life. For being open to exploring opportunities for your children and for your willingness to work with us in your children's educational experience. Thank you for letting us celebrate with you in all of your children's achievements.

To the siblings and other supporters of the family: Thank you for your support! You may not realize it, but you are an integral part of the educational experience for this Head Start child as well.

And lastly THANK YOU to each and every Head Start child: Thank you for making us smile every day. For having fun with us! For making the time we spend at work everyday worth it. Thank you for teaching us daily lessons in compassion, love and learning. One day you will realize you taught us more than we ever taught you. Thank you for being our best teachers.

I will now attempt my version of a "Goodbye Song." Well ok I may have stolen it from a famous Head Start teacher and changed the lyrics to fit this blog but here it goes: Goodbye now, goodbye now, the calendar says we're done. We'll see you in September...GOODBYE EVERYONE!

This blog will be on vacation with the rest of ABC Head Start until September. We hope you will continue supporting us upon our return. HAPPY SUMMER!

ABC Head Start Society is a registered charity which has been committed to promoting and supporting strong children, families, and communities in Edmonton for over 30 years. We know that by giving children the best possible early learning and development opportunities in life, we ensure the future well-being and prosperity of our families and communities.