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Opening Doors for Children & Families

I Think We All Need A Pep Talk

This is an exciting time for ABC Head Start. We are heading into a new strategic plan. WAIT...did I just lose you all?? COME BACK! Strategic planning can be exciting and awesome it just has a really boring and stuffy name. Planning for the future and setting goals is rewarding and it's fun to dream about where we want our agency to go in the next few years. It brings new energy as we decide our directions and tasks.

One of our priorities moving into the very near future of ABC Head Start is creating a sustainable fund development plan. For those of you in the non-profit world you'll know how things are changing with government funding and we want to keep ABC Head Start doing the great work that we do for the rest of eternity. I happened to be hired into this role, I am ABC Head Start's first Development Manager, and my task - create a plan and make it work!

Awesome! I'm ready! Let's do this! *record scratching*

Oh wait this is a HUGE job! Where do I start? Do I know what I'm doing? All this hit me like a ton of bricks on Monday as I prepared my first letter of intent to two prominent granting foundations in Edmonton. And I will admit I had an "OH NO" moment where I thought, do I have the skills to do this job?? And then as if a gift from heaven, my wonderful friend tagged me in this video that she shared on Facebook with the caption "To those of you who inspire me..."

It was just what I needed to watch in my moment of self-doubt (or my week of self-doubt.) I watched it and thought YEAH I am going to do something awesome! This is a challenge for a reason but I can do it!

And I thought about how in our ABC Head Start classrooms we are constantly challenging the children, they are learning new things every day. And they may not get it right the first time but they keep trying. And you know what?? It doesn't seem to bother them. They don't see it as failure or inability they enjoy it, they thrive in it, they become hungry to learn more.

SO I may not deliver a perfect proposal the first time (I might have many stinky proposals) but I'm going to keep learning. It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be worth it because I am going to create something awesome! This is my space jam.

"What will be your space jam? What will you create to make the world awesome?" - Kid President

With the support of volunteers, ABC Head Start Society is able to support vulnerable children and families throughout the year. Volunteers contribute by sharing their ideas, talents and energy to events, on our Board of Directors and fundraisers, and in providing direct support to children, parents/caregivers and families.