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Opening Doors for Children & Families

The Rock Star of Brain Development

Bruce Perry. When people in the early learning field hear that name it stimulates great conversation. If you don't know who Dr. Bruce Perry is you should google him and then purchase every book he has ever written. He is pretty much one of my hero's and one of the most fascinating people I have ever heard speak. He is a rock star in our field, and I can't help but be nervous around this child brain development rock star. One time after watching him speak he was doing a book signing. I was having my book signed and he asked me for directions to the airport. I clearly know where the airport is but I couldn't even speak! I couldn't even remember where I was! Needless to say he asked someone else. Someone who could make words come out of their mouth.

ANYWAY I digress...His research has changed millions of lives, including my own. Due to his research I think differently about the way we work with children, what strategies to use, and how to "reach" them and connect with them. I have had the joy of hearing him speak on many different occasions and always walk out with new strategies which transform my practice. I was recently admiring viewing videos of Dr. Bruce Perry and came across one that enforces a recent blog post I wrote titled Does This Make Sense To You. And since Dr. Bruce Perry talks about learning through play much more eloquently then I ever could I will let you watch for yourself...

Dr. Bruce D. Perry is the Senior Fellow of The ChildTrauma Academy, a not-for-profit organization based in Houston and adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago.

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