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Opening Doors for Children & Families

Say It Ain't Snow

I was driving home yesterday from work. It is a long drive because I live in the sticks prettiest little village outside of Edmonton. And as I drove sprinkles started to hit my windshield. And then (cringe) the sprinkles started to resemble snowflakes. And BAM my denial of winter smacked me straight in the face as if to say "You silly little Alberta girl did you really think I wasn't coming back?" No. But a girl can dream can't she?

This realization got me thinking about how terrible most of us are at preparing for winter. Come on admit it. You call the tire shop to get winter tires put on AFTER the first snowfall. You've hauled in your patio furniture with a dusting of white stuff (or if you are like me maybe a foot or so.) I think we all hope that we are going to have a late winter and a snow free Halloween. And maybe, just maybe, we will have one last day of plus 25 weather to enjoy that patio set one more time.

Now imagine being a family living on limited income. You have this preschool child (and maybe a few other children too) who is growing like a little weed! You want to wait until the last second to buy winter items for your child so that (fingers crossed) these expensive winter items last ALL winter. And lets face it, in Alberta that could be 13 out of 12 months. So you wait, one more pay check, two more pay checks, until the snow starts to fall to run out and purchase these items. For far too many parents this is the reality.

So next time you are at the grocery store on a particularly chilly fall day and see that family who's children are not quite dressed for the cooler weather, let's smile instead of judge because perhaps your patio furniture is still sitting on your deck.

ABC Head Start serves over 368 children and families living on limited incomes per year. If you would like to donate new or gently used winter gear please contact our Community Coordinator Ann Babb at annb@abcheadstart.org.

ABC Head Start Society is a registered charity which has been committed to promoting and supporting strong children, families, and communities in Edmonton for over 30 years. We know that by giving children the best possible early learning and development opportunities in life, we ensure the future well-being and prosperity of our families and communities.