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Spooktacular Fun

Halloween is in ONE WEEK! And if you are like me you have nothing ready. But I'm sure you are not like me and are far more organized and certainly don't procrastinate as much. Yesterday I was poking around the good ol' internet looking for some interesting Halloween ideas. Nothing too complex or complicated, just some things to make the day a bit more fun.

Here is a list of my favourite Halloween ideas for this year:

1. The first one came from my Mom. One thing you must know about my Mom is that she is a festive freak! She loves to decorate for holidays most people don't even know exist. God love my Dad as he built TWO sheds in their backyard...one to hold regular shed-like stuff and one to hold seasonal items. My Mom called me yesterday morning to say "I just found the best idea for handing out candy! You take a pumpkin and poke holes in and stick suckers in the holes, then the children get to choose a sucker out of the pumpkin!" That is a great idea! And one I can easily pull together by Halloween. Thanks, Mom!

2. Halloween mashed BOO-Tatoes.

3. Use a ghost, bat, or other Halloween shaped cookie cutter to punch out some pita bread or tortillas. A bit of seasoning, toast it in the oven and VOILA! Halloween chips!

4. Get your hands on some lucky charms! Wouldn't this be a great children's costume??

5. Cut a pumpkin in half, take out all the junk, fill it with ice and you have an instant cooler for your Halloween party beverages.

6. Spruce up your home with a Halloween twist!

7. Fill your wheel barrow with dirt, insert some skeleton bones maybe a hand or two and place in your front yard for decoration.

8. Fun and easy way to decorate a pumpkin...and this may happen at my house if I run out of time.

9. It's raining cats and dogs! Clever and simple do it yourself Halloween costume.

There are so many easy, affordable ideas to make this Halloween special. What a wonderful way to spend time with your children while getting in the spirit of Halloween. Some of the best memories are created this way!

Most of these ideas were found on Pinterest or Stumbleupon!. If you haven't joined these sites but you loved these ideas I would highly recommend you do so. However I will not be responsible for your addictions to these sites. Happy pinning/stumbling!

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