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Opening Doors for Children & Families

Turkey Talk

Have you ever cooked a turkey? It's ok, you can come clean. One of my colleagues said her mom makes the turkey on holidays. She's getting her mom to teach her daughters so the turkey cooking duties will skip a generation and she will be able to avoid it for her lifetime. Clever, I must say. I have never cooked a turkey. I have cooked a chicken...same thing right? I will be cooking one this Christmas, actually I will be cooking the whole Christmas meal. I'm sure it won't taste exactly like my Mom's famous Christmas dinner but I have all day to get it right. And if I mess things up I'll use my trusty friend google to find out what restaurants are open on Christmas day.

Every year at ABC Head Start a very dedicated congregation from Rio Terrace Church create beautiful food hampers for some of our families. Last year I was sitting with a group of parents at one of our parent education groups and one of our dad's asked about the contents of the hamper. I told him about some of the items he might be able to expect including a turkey. He said, "Does that turkey come with instructions?" Good question! I have never bought a turkey!

As the parents started discussing it the majority of them had never cooked a turkey. Many of them had never bought a turkey because they are so costly. They were unsure of what to do with this wonderful gift. And many of the families only have a small freezer atop their refrigerator, which will surely not hold a turkey. We decided to explore it together and some of the other parents who have cooked a turkey were able to provide us with great instructions.

For those of you who find yourself in a predicament much like mine of cooking your first turkey (and having no clue where to start) I found a great list of instructions, click here for turkey 101. Everything from buying the turkey right to carving it. This will be a necessary resource for Christmas dinner at my house this year. That and I will make sure my phone is fully charged as I will have my Mom on speed dial walking me through the entire cooking process. Happy cooking!

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