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Words Of Fatherly Wisdom

Throughout my life my dad was critical in providing life lessons and words of wisdom. I think this was something he inherited from his father, who also imparted words of wisdom on a regular basis. Most of my dad's advice was around driving, maintenance of vehicles and money - all of which I still need reminding. The wonderful qualities I inherited from my father were not from his words of advice, most were from him just being the man that he is. My dad taught me about hard work and integrity, two qualities that have got me a long way in life and everyday I am grateful for this.

But one phrase that never seems to leave my head is, "If you think you are driving fast enough, drive 5 km/hr less." (This coming from the man who drives 100km/hr IN REVERSE.) But hey, it stuck with me so obviously it did some good.

I wondered if other people's dads had provided such life lessons. Much like my mother's day edition of the blog, A World Without Moms, I asked my friends, family and co-workers what words of wisdom their fathers shared with them that they would like to share with the world. So in the spirit of honouring our dads this Father's Day - let's celebrate the words of fatherly wisdom.

My dad shared the words that he still remembers hearing from my grandfather, - "Always tell the truth and I will be there for you."

My brother's advice for his two boys is a little more focused towards farming, "Don't stick your face in a grain auger."

My brother-in-law was overheard teaching his two-year old son a valuable life lesson, "When someone gives you something you say 'thank you,' unless they give you small pox then you say 'thanks a lot.'

My sister-in-law's father came to all of her base-ball games and would say, "Leave the first pitch."

A dear west coast friend said her dad's words of wisdom were "It's never too late to say I love you."

Here's a few from ABC Head Start colleagues; "Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down." "Pickin' rocks is good for ya!" "Can you afford that? Is it a priority?" And probably the best advice a father could give, "Marry Bobby Orr."

Another dear friend who was raised primarily by her father had lots to share about him, but my personal favourite "Cut the grass before you NEED to!" (I really need to heed that advice.)

My bestest guy friend shared this from his dad, "Actions speak louder than words."

And last but not least, my cousin shared something from my uncle (who is an incredible man by the way) "Always help people out, any way you can."

Thank you to all the dads for passing on your infinite wisdom. It may not always seem like we are listening, but we are. You have surely made your children more competent, respectful and caring individuals just by being in their lives. For this and the many things you do, we thank you! Happy Father's Day!

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