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Opening Doors for Children & Families

Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors is an elected group of individuals whose responsibility it is to set organizational direction, to ensure necessary resources and to provide oversight. The Board sets ABC Head Start Society policy and direction and monitors effectiveness and efficiency of the agency through the Executive Director and the Leadership team. 



Meet Our Board

  • Scott Cuthbert, Board Chair
  • Aileen Campbell, Treasurer
  • Chaylene Gallagher, Director
  • Tibetha Kemble, Director
  • Raina Rudko, Director
  • Rita Melo, Director

We would like to acknowledge the following retiring Directors for their volunteerism in 2017/2018. Thank you for your time and continued support of ABC Head Start Society.

Cyril Balitbit, Shirley Guest, Joyce Purdy, Aimee Caster, and Ashlyn Bernier

For more information please email volunteer@abcheadstart.org.



At ABC Head Start we believe the best way to help children is to strengthen families and community. As we work together in partnership we benefit from the shared enthusiasm, energy and ideas that each partner contributes. Community support ensures the continued success and sustainability of ABC Head Start. Every year volunteers donate thousands of hours of time in classroom and non-classroom activities. Find out how you can get involved today!



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