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Opening Doors for Children & Families

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I was driving home yesterday from work. It is a long drive because I live in the sticks prettiest little village outside of Edmonton. And as I drove sprinkles started to hit my windshield. And then (cringe) the sprinkles started to resemble snowflakes. And BAM my denial of winter smacked me straight in the face as if to say "You silly little Alberta girl did you really think I wasn't coming back?" No. But a girl can dream can't she?

This realization got me thinking about how terrible most of us are at preparing for winter. Come on admit it. You call the tire shop to get winter tires put on...

Henry Ford said "If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said 'a faster horse.'" Non-profits, particularly in Edmonton, do great work! They strive to find better ways to reach people, to make a person's experience better and more enjoyable. We evaluate, evaluate, evaluate and look at outcomes, responses, and what does it all mean?? (DRUM ROLL PLEASE.) Well hopefully we come up with a better product, a better service and a better way of doing things. Generally we evaluate by asking the people we are already serving (BOOMING RADIO MAN VOICE) "How can we serve you better?" And the...


Every dollar matters. By supporting ABC Head Start you will give children the skills they need to be successful in their educational journey and support families to transition out of poverty, become healthy and self-reliant. Donate to ABC Head Start today and start making a difference in the lives of children, families and our communities.