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Opening Doors for Children & Families

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I have been writing allllll week. Writing funding proposals to keep the great work that we do at ABC Head Start going! Therefore I have no words left...plus words are starting to look foreign and weird and like I'm typing in a different language. A writer in this condition will probably not produce the best blog post.

I pondered who best to pass the torch to this week to tell a story and I decided - children.

So here you have it: The Secret To Happiness! Happy Friday friends!

This week I have been busy planning Valentine's Day for my sweetie. We are trying to decide if we will celebrate it on February 14, or on February 15, as our schedules are not exactly matching up. I have now suggested we do both. Why not have twice the amount of Valentine's celebration? A mini Valentines Day on February 14, like Valentine's Day Eve and then our Valentine's Day will be February 15. And we might as well not stop there, we would be remiss to not celebrate Valentine's Boxing Day on February 16.

I was chatting with one of my dear friends who has two little girls. She was telling me...

I have recently been spending a significant amount of time with my friend "Netflix." I get borderline obsessed with the documentary category and can't get enough of all the interesting topics creative people decide to explore. There are documentaries about EVERYTHING! Most of them fascinate me, some of them I stop watching after 15 minutes and think "TOOO BORING!"

In the midst of my documentary addiction I was listening to my favourite radio morning show, The Garner Andrew's Show on Sonic 102.9 and they were talking about the best rock documentaries. Rock as in rock and roll music...not the...

This is an exciting time for ABC Head Start. We are heading into a new strategic plan. WAIT...did I just lose you all?? COME BACK! Strategic planning can be exciting and awesome it just has a really boring and stuffy name. Planning for the future and setting goals is rewarding and it's fun to dream about where we want our agency to go in the next few years. It brings new energy as we decide our directions and tasks.

One of our priorities moving into the very near future of ABC Head Start is creating a sustainable fund development plan. For those of you in the non-profit world you'll know how...

This winter break I had the opportunity to spend time with my family. One afternoon, sitting at the kitchen table my nephew said to me "Auntie, would you like a coffee??" He has this new love of using the Keurig coffee machine and he also really likes to entertain and throw any type of party he can think of.

"Sure!" I said, "That would be nice. What kind of coffees do you have?"

"Well come look, there are lots of different kinds," he replied.

"What kind of restaurant is this!?" I yelled and slammed my fist on the table. "Don't you have a menu or something?!"

A huge smile spread across my...

Do you ever get thinking about how things work, where things come from? I do. Usually it happens when I have a moment to relax much to the chagrin of my significant other. The other night, we finally had a moment to relax. My significant - other nodding off eyes closed beside me. Me - Wide eyed and wondering.

Me - "Where does quinoa come from? Like is it a grain? Does it grow like rice? How does rice even grow? Like does it grow under water at the bottom of a grass-like-thing or does it grow on top like wheat and barley? Is quinoa even a grain? I just realized I have no idea what I'm eating...

The holidays are fast approaching and if you work at ABC Head Start after this week you don't return to work until January 8. And if you work at ABC Head Start you feel like you blinked and all of a sudden it was December. In some ways it feels like September was just yesterday and we were meeting the new group of children and families. I always tell new staff the years go by FAST. I don't think they believe me until winter break hits, then spring break, then summer and BAM - year done.

During this winter break I hope to get to see at least 50% of my nephews. My nephews are ages 6, 5, 4 and...

Have you ever cooked a turkey? It's ok, you can come clean. One of my colleagues said her mom makes the turkey on holidays. She's getting her mom to teach her daughters so the turkey cooking duties will skip a generation and she will be able to avoid it for her lifetime. Clever, I must say. I have never cooked a turkey. I have cooked a chicken...same thing right? I will be cooking one this Christmas, actually I will be cooking the whole Christmas meal. I'm sure it won't taste exactly like my Mom's famous Christmas dinner but I have all day to get it right. And if I mess things up I'll use my...

The Oil Kings 6th annual Dodge Teddy Bear Toss presented by Global Edmonton and Shaw TV is set for this Friday, December 7th against the Calgary Hitmen. The event works like this; when the Oil Kings score their first goal fans get to throw teddy bears on the ice with all these furry friends being donated to Santas Anonymous. Last year a record 8000 bears were donated, they are hoping to beat their record this Friday. It is an amazing thing to watch that much generosity fill the rink.

Years ago when I was living in our rival city, I was given tickets to the teddy bear toss. Well actually my...

Warning: This blog is heavily concentrated with the word 'awesome.'

Last night, something awesome happened in a trendy little coffee shop downtown Edmonton. I arrived at The Roast Coffeehouse greeted by an army of Edmonton philanthropists wearing pink shirts that read "I'M WITH AWESOME." This was my first time attending a "pitch party" and I didn't know what to expect. The atmosphere was fun and full of excitement, the coffeehouse filled with hopes to hear how people planned to make Edmonton more awesome.

The event was held by the Edmonton Awesome Foundation. The Foundation is made up of a...


With the support of volunteers, ABC Head Start Society is able to support vulnerable children and families throughout the year. Volunteers contribute by sharing their ideas, talents and energy to events, on our Board of Directors and fundraisers, and in providing direct support to children, parents/caregivers and families.